Ultimate goal of our St.Joseph Library is to provide the right source, to the right user, at the right time at the user’s desk. So, we aim to impart the new theories on education to our students according to the changing environment of learning and the needs of learners. The books in the library fulfill not only the academic needs but the overall needs of the students and staff members. Our College library has more than 4365 books in more than 1656 titles, 15 journals, 15 magazines and 6 newspapers in both English and Tamil.

All students are the members of the college library. The Library is open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days. Library remains closed on all Sundays and other public holidays.

Application for the books must be made on requisition slips supplied by the college. Students will be allowed to borrow 2 books at a time for a period of 7 days ordinarily. Students are not allowed to keep more than one book for the same subject.

Absence is not a cause for returning the books on due dates. A fine of rupees 5 per day per book is levied if books are not returned on the due date. The transference of books from one student to another is not allowed. No student shall lend his/her borrower’s tickets. Damage or loss which cannot be traced to an individual student may be met by a levy on all students.

All markings, underlining, clipping or annotating of books are absolutely forbidden.

Any student who loses or damages his tickets should report the fact to the Librarian in writing and get a fresh ticket on payment of a penalty of rupees 100.

Students should observe strict silence in the library premises. Otherwise they may be deprived of the privilege of using library.


Teaching of science is not like the teaching of other subjects because practical work is an essential element. Therefore, we have a well-equipped science laboratory where students can conduct experiments before going to the school. Experiment brings reality into science classrooms and promotes the development of powers of observation, measurement, prediction, interpretation, designing and decision making. For this reason, our college has the following fully fledged and equipped laboratories such as ICT/ Educational Technology Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Psychology Laboratory, Science Laboratories and Language Laboratory.

  1. Psychology Laboratory has about 85 psychological tests (verbal, nonverbal, performance), personality inventory, projective techniques, creativity tests, Social-economic scale. Achievement and Achievement motivation Tests, study habit, social motional competency scale, social intelligence scale, Emotional intelligence scale, self-concept scale, and attitude scales etc. It has the following objectives:
      1. To enable the student to understand the way of conducting psychological experiments.
      2. To give practical experience to B.Ed. students with regard to some of the psychological concepts and principles.
      3. To enable the B.Ed. students to apply scientific method for the solution of psychological problems in psychology laboratory.
      4. To give B.Ed. students living experience with regard to the conducting of psychological experiments in their classroom situation in future.
      5. To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests in school situation.
      6. To apply the psychological tests during research work.


    1. Science Laboratory Our College has separate laboratories for Biological Science and Physical Science. Our science laboratory provides adequate space for 30 students. It has a blackboard, a bulletin board, display tables, audio-visual aids, a science library. There is provision for hanging charts and pictures. There is a demonstration table. Our laboratory has adequate natural light with good ventilation. When our students work in the laboratory they have many opportunities for understanding the apparatus, materials, laboratory procedures, process of measurement, how to arrive at conditions and make generalizations and testing hypothesis, interpretation of data, process of inquiry and experimentation and the constituents of various skills and they can develop their skills related to practical work through laboratory experiences. It functions with the following objectives:
      1. to prepare the instructional materials for teaching and learning Science
      2. to prepare the teaching aids for teaching and learning Science
      3. to undertake the projects reflecting the trends in Science education
      4. to practice various methods of teaching such as cooperative learning, team teaching etc., For fulfilling these objectives, the following activities are undertaken by the teachers and students.
      5. Discussion on the various aspects of the present curriculum among the student teachers and the teacher educator of this department is the moderator.
      6. Here we conduct student seminars, debates, symposiums on various topics of the school syllabus.
      7. To practice micro teaching skills.
      8. Conducting demonstration classes for the student teachers
      9. Preparing teaching aids and other learning materials
      10. Practice in using audio-visual material.


    1. Mathematics Laboratory is working with the following objectives:
      1. To prepare the instructional materials for the purpose of teaching and learning Mathematics.
      2. To prepare the teaching aids for teaching and learning Mathematics.
      3. To undertake projects reflecting the trends in Mathematics education.
      4. To practice various methods of teaching such as cooperative learning, team teaching etc., For fulfilling these objectives, the following activities are undertaken by the teachers and students:
      5. Discussion on various aspects of the present curriculum among the student- teachers and the teacher educator of this department is the moderator.
      6. Here we conduct student seminars, debates, symposiums on various topics of the school syllabus.
      7. Conducting demonstration classes for the student teachers.
      8. Preparing in using audio-visual materials
      9. Here we organize guest lectures for the student teachers.


    1. Language Laboratory: Good pronunciation makes a good communicator. Therefore this College is equipped with a fine language laboratory. Students can perceive the sounds of different phonetic symbols and hear them distinctly. It helps them develop their pronunciation, accent and intonation. Every student has provision to stop, rewind and replay the tape at any time. The students can work at their own place. He/ She can select the materials freely and the teacher can listen to individual students without disturbing the others. The teacher can communicate with the students and also control the programme when she/he so desires. Using this laboratory, we are developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of both vernacular and English language of our students.


    1. ICT/ Educational Technology Laboratory: It is equipped with LCD/DLP projector, Over Head Projectors, Computers, Television with DTH and various Audio-Visual Equipment, CDs. It creates awareness and application of available modern technological gadgets into the field of education and into the daily classroom.
    2. Computer Laboratory: It is equipped with 25 computers with high configuration and availability of internet connection. It provides knowledge to the students about computer and its uses.


  1. Teaching Aid Laboratory: Teaching aids play an important role in the field of education. If these teaching aids are properly used, process of education will be very effective, meaningful and an interesting one. Without the use of teaching aids teaching will be incomplete. Teaching aids give direct experience to the students. Simultaneously, the preparation of teaching aids imparts the skills of creativity, imagination, thinking, planning, execution and other physical skills and also develops the behaviour of patience, tolerance, peace of mind etc.



As per the NCTE norms, our institution has fully furnished airy classrooms, staff rooms, office rooms, multipurpose hall, music room, sports room, conference hall, latrine cum toilet.


Hostel facilities may be provided on request. A well furnished women’s hostel is provided with boarding facilities catering to the needs of the women students who are accommodated in hostel blocks. Non-vegetarian mess is attached with the hostels.


Our College provides excellent transport facilities to the students. We carry them from their home gate to class entrance. So, they feel very convenient and homely.


The College canteen provides meals, snacks, coffee, cool drinks, etc at reasonable rates for students who desire such refreshments. Students can buy food, soft drinks and snacks from the canteen. The students are not allowed to use the canteen during class hours.

Physical Education

Considering the importance of physical health education for students, this department organizes various programmes such as Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Kaya Kalpa Training etc. In addition to theoretical lectures and demonstrations, participation in sports and games is made compulsory for all students. The college ground has the facilities for football, volley ball, ball-badminton, shuttle badminton and Kho-Kho. For these purposes, the grounds of sister institutions are shared.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are giving more importance to extra-curricular activities such as Music, Dance and Arts & Crafts.