Ultimate goal of our St.Joseph Library is to provide the right source, to the right user, at the right time at the user’s desk. So,
we aim to impart the new theories on education to our students according to the changing environment of learning and the
needs of learners. The books in the library fulfill not only the academic needs but the overall needs of the students and staff

Our College library has more than 4365 books in more than 1656 titles, 15 journals, 15 magazines and 6
newspapers in both English and Tamil.

All students are the members of the college library. The Library is open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days. Library
remains closed on all Sundays and other public holidays.
Application for the books must be made on requisition slips supplied by the college. Students will be allowed to borrow 2
books at a time for a period of 7 days ordinarily. Students are not allowed to keep more than one book for the same subject.
Absence is not a cause for returning the books on due dates. A fine of rupees 5 per day per book is levied if books are not
returned on the due date. The transference of books from one student to another is not allowed. No student shall lend
his/her borrower’s tickets. Damage or loss which cannot be traced to an individual student may be met by a levy on all
All markings, underlining, clipping or annotating of books are absolutely forbidden.
Any student who loses or damages his tickets should report the fact to the Librarian in writing and get a fresh ticket on
payment of a penalty of rupees 100.
Students should observe strict silence in the library premises. Otherwise they may be deprived of the privilege of using